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Salty Snacks That Go With Frankenmuth Brewery Beer

Salty Snacks That Go With Frankenmuth Brewery Beer

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The perfect Michigan beer just isn’t the same without a delicious treat by it’s side. There are a few salty snacks that go with beer and complement your favorite brews, whether you’re at a BBQ, watching a Tigers game or just got done mowing the lawn. Try these unique beer and salty treat pairings the next time you open up a brew from our Michigan brewery. It’s what the dog days of some are all about.

Batch 69 American-Style IPA

With an intense hop flavor, our Batch 69 American-Style IPA always goes well with salty treats that veer towards spicy and bold tastes. What’s the perfect pairing for this delightful brew? Try salty snacks with a little bit of kick like hot nuts, wasabi peas or a spicy cheese sampler, as the Batch 69 will take the edge off the heat while still adding to the flavor.


Any salty snack will do for the Frankenmuth Pilsener, but if you want to get it right then you should pair our brew with pretzels and stoneground mustard. The dry finish and slight spice will pair well with the vinegar taste of mustard and the pleasing palate cleanser that pretzels truly are. Need something even more scrumptious? Try some of our Michigan breweries’ pretzel bread with the Frankenmuth Pilsener for the ultimate dream pairing of bread and beer.


Many people think that cheese and crackers are a great compliment to your favorite wine, but we say bypass the grapes and try them with our Hefeweizen. A wide variety of aged cheeses go well with this brew, which has light fruity and citrus notes, but we suggest choosing a rich and heavier style like goat or feta. The Hefewezien will be able to cut through the sharpness of the cheese without overshadowing the flavors.

Twisted Helles

When it comes to citrusy beer and cuisine, there can’t be a much better match than Twisted Helles and spicy Mexican food. Letting the orange and lemon zest of the Twisted Helles shine through any meal, add our new brew to any salsa, homemade or store-bought, for a perfect snack that is perfect for the summertime. If you really need some salty food love, combine queso, salsa and some Twisted Helles for a delicious salt-ridden dipping sauce that you’ll crave until you make it again.

You can never go wrong pairing your favorite Michigan beer with salty treats like chips, nuts, wasabi peas or pretzels. These salty snacks that go with beer will not only complement your favorite brew, but they will enhance the flavor experience and reveal different flavor notes.

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