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Olympic Beer: Frankie’s Fierce Five

Olympic Beer: Frankie’s Fierce Five Olympic Beer: Frankie’s Fierce Five

Olympic Beer: Frankie’s Fierce Five

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As the quest for Olympic gold begins, the quest for Olympic beer does as well. Frankenmuth Brewery’s very own Frankie has named his Fierce Five brews just in time for the opening ceremonies!

Beers were selected based on the Most Popular rankings on Untappd.

Batch 69 American IPA

Batch 69 already has a gold medal from the 2015 World Expo of Beer for the IPA category. This knockout American IPA has layers of hop aroma and flavors of citrus, flowers and pine. The golden goodness of Batch 69 makes it an all-around competitor, as it pairs well with several types of dishes including pasta, red meat, starches and spicy dishes. Batch 69 brags an ABV of 6.9 percent and an IBU of 69.

The Hef

This Hefeweizen ale is the most diverse of Frankie’s Fierce Five. It pairs with breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. It is top fermented and unfiltered to give it its smooth, pleasant flavor and cloudy appearance. The Hef has a silver medal under its belt from the 2014 World Expo of Beer. It has an ABV of 5.2 percent and an IBU of 17.

Christmas Town Ale

Christmas Town Ale is the hometown hero of the Olympic beer bunch. With a label that pays homage to Frankenmuth, it’s hard not to fall in love with the charm of this America Spiced Ale. Christmas Town combines sweet toasted dark malts with American hops. It has notes of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and clove. Christmas Town has an ABV of 6 percent and an IBU of 27.


Classically brewed, Oktoberfest follows Bavarian brewing guidelines. It uses German noble hops and four different malts to create its trademark copper color and flavor. As the strongman of the group, Oktoberfest pairs well with hearty dishes such as steak, pork, chicken, bacon and BBQ. It has an ABV of 5.27 percent and an IBU of 27.

Old Detroit Amber Ale

A seasoned veteran, Old Detroit has been part of Frankenmuth’s Olympic beer lineup for years. It features sweet notes of caramel and rich, roasted malts. Put your feet up as Old Detroit does all the work. It pairs well with spicy and smoked dishes as well as BBQ and grilled foods. With an ABV of 5.6 percent and an IBU of 23, Old Detroit’s amber ale is one you don’t want to miss.

Now that you know about Frankie’s Fierce Five and these Olympic beers, don’t forget to grab your favorite Frankenmuth Brewery craft beer while you watch the Olympics this August!

Photo credit to Tracy Ross.

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