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Hangover Relief: Updating The Best Hangover Cures

Hangover Relief: Updating The Best Hangover Cures Hangover Relief: Updating The Best Hangover Cures

Hangover Relief: Updating The Best Hangover Cures

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We’ve talked about it before but we’re revisiting the subject of hangover relief as the holidays draw closer and chances of celebrating increase.

Sports Drinks

Drinking alcohol reduces the body’s number of electrolytes. Drinking a sports drink that includes them is a good way to replenish your supply as well as stay hydrated. If you don’t like drinking water, try grabbing a sports drink.

Toast or Crackers

While it’s not just for hangover relief, eating crackers or plain toast can help stabilize your blood sugar and make you feel human again. Drops in blood sugar will cause your liver to start metabolizing stored carbs, which means it can’t handle any extra work and you can feel irritable and tired.


Sipping on Sprite may actually help speed up the body’s ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase, which is thought to be the cause of hangover symptoms. The carbonation may also help settle your stomach.


Ginger and peppermint tea have been shown to reduce hangover-related nausea and stomachaches. Green tea can also be helpful to the liver by stimulating key detoxification pathways.

Bananas and Pretzels

Not your everday combination, but eating bananas and pretzels may actually provide the best hangover relief. The combination of sodium, potassium and electrolytes can prevent further dehydration and help replenish some of the vitamins and minerals the body lost.

So if your preferred hangover relief methods aren’t doing the trick, give one of these a try and find relief sooner!

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