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Making a Beer Turkey for Thanksgiving

Making a Beer Turkey for Thanksgiving Making a Beer Turkey for Thanksgiving

Making a Beer Turkey for Thanksgiving

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Cooking the Thanksgiving turkey is an extremely coveted privilege, and if you come from a family of craft beer drinkers, you have the opportunity to make a beer turkey this holiday season.

You have a couple options for making a beer turkey. You can brine the bird or baste it.


If you’re brining your bird, you’ll want to select a medium-colored beer like a brown ale, as it will complement the flavors of the turkey. Choices from our lineup include Brown Hound, Old Detroit, Christmas Town and Oktoberfest. Add the beer to the brining mixture you normally use, though you may want to up the amount to 1.5 or 2 bottles. Make sure your beer turkey is completely submerged in the liquid for as long as you marinate it.


If you choose to go the basting route, you’ll want to select a darker beer to ensure the flavor is more prominent. Dark Harbour Porter, Sweet Tooth Stout and Ground Rule Dubbel are all great choices if you like bold flavors and Frankenmuth craft beer. Baste your beer turkey as you normally would, but don’t hesitate to add more beer to your liquid mixture if you feel like it’s lacking.

Cooking a beer turkey for Thanksgiving is a fun way to experiment with craft beer to create the perfect recipe. Don’t forget to use Frankenmuth Brewery craft beer, too!

Image from Untappd user Rudi S.

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