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Beer Storage Tips and Tricks

Beer Storage Tips and Tricks Beer Storage Tips and Tricks

Beer Storage Tips and Tricks

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You love beer. So much so that you now have quite the collection of craft beer. But how do you keep your favorite brews and prevent them from spoiling? You grab a bottle and read up on our beer storage tips and tricks!

Avoid Sunlight

UV light will turn beer “skunky” and ruin the flavor. Sunlight breaks up the acids in the hop plant and creates a compound that results in an odorous, rubbery taste. Your beer storage should keep the bottles out of direct sunlight or use a feature like UV-blocking glass if it has glass doors.

Be Cool

Beer is best stored between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit as long as it’s out of sunlight. While cracking a cold one is refreshing and enjoyable, for long-term storage, consider keeping your beer outside of a fridge since refrigeration can affect certain beers over long periods of time.

Do NOT Freeze Beer – Ever

If you need to chill beer quickly, you can put it in the freezer. However, the freezer should never be on your list of places to use for beer storage. Beer will explode if left in the freezer, and that will leave you with a mess and wasted craft beer.

Store Upright

Your beer storage should keep the bottles upright. This is important because the sediment from yeast needs to settle on the bottom of the bottle, and if stored improperly, it can corrupt the flavor of the brew.

Now that you’re versed in beer storage, you’ll know exactly how to store your favorite craft beers and keep them in pristine condition until you’re ready to drink them.

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