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Beer and Cookies for the Holidays

Beer and Cookies for the Holidays Beer and Cookies for the Holidays

Beer and Cookies for the Holidays

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If you’re wondering what you should drink with the cookies you got from the family Christmas cookie exchange, the answer is simple: Frankenmuth Brewery craft beer!

We’ve paired a few of our brews with a few of the most popular Christmas cookies to give you the ultimate list of beer and cookies for your holiday season.

Jam Thumbprints

The most traditional of the Christmas cookies pairs well with Batch 69 American IPA. The citrus and fragrant fruit flavors will bring out the citrus in the beer and play nicely with its natural flower and pine notes.

Snowball Cookies

These powdered sugar-covered poppers pack a punch on their own, but need a special accompaniment that can stand up to the sweetness. For this combination of beer and cookies, pair snowball cookies with our Sweet Tooth Stout for its rich, malty flavors and smooth finish. This brew is the perfect partner for your desserts.

Sugar Cookies

Probably the most popular and easiest to make, sugar cookies can come in all colors and shapes. Pair them with The Hef because of its hints of clove and notes of banana that will mesh well with this sweet, sugary cookie.


Since shortbreads tend to be less sweet than other Christmas cookies, pair them with our family-friendly Frankie’s Root Bier. The sweetness from Frankie’s and the mellow nature of the shortbread cookies mingle well and will not overwhelm the palate.

Caramel and Toffee Treats

For these sweet, possibly sticky treats, you have two different pairings of beer and cookies to try. You can pair them with our Red Sky and Old Detroit Amber Ale. Red Sky has caramel highlights that combine well with the rich, buttery taste of toffee treats. Old Detroit paired with caramel cookies will bring out the notes of caramel in the beer.

Chocolate Peppermint

Last on the list of beer and cookies is the combination of chocolate peppermint cookies with Brown Hound Dunkel. Its nutty malts and sweet notes of chocolate will accent the chocolate and mint of the cookie perfectly.

Whether you’re at a family Christmas party or enjoying the spoils of your cookie exchange, beer and cookies are a partnership you should explore. Especially if you’re drinking Frankenmuth Brewery craft beer!

Image from Untappd user Megan.

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