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Breaking Barriers: Women and Craft Beer

Breaking Barriers: Women and Craft Beer Breaking Barriers: Women and Craft Beer

Breaking Barriers: Women and Craft Beer

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Women and craft beer have become a common pairing since the industry took off. More and more we’re seeing women break into the once male-dominated market and finding great success.

According to a May 2016 Nielsen survey, women ages 21-34 consume craft beer above the national average and represent 15 percent of total consumption.

The surge of women and craft beer is likely due to breweries’ abilities to produce small batches of diverse combinations and styles. This also gives brewers the chance to experiment with flavor profiles, different ingredients and fermentation lengths.

One of the most interesting aspects of women and craft beer is that their involvement is not something new. Historically, women brewed and sold beer as a source of income for their families. In ancient Egypt, beer was almost solely produced and sold by women, and in the first U.S. colonies women were the primary brewers.

So, in a sense, craft beer is returning to its roots.

Women and craft beer has also sparked the creation of groups to encourage and support women who are interested in the industry. Two groups include Pink Boots Society and Girl Pint Out.

Owning a brewery isn’t just for men anymore, either. A team at Stanford found that out of 2,536 breweries surveyed, 543 had at least one female founder, CEO or head brewer. That’s 21 percent and close to a quarter of the breweries involved in the research project.

Looking to the future, it’s likely that women and craft beer will continue to develop a stronger connection, and with women as an emerging market, head brewers will need to step up their game to meet the needs of the industry.

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