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Now On Tap: Banzai Red Rye

Now On Tap: Banzai Red Rye Now On Tap: Banzai Red Rye

Now On Tap: Banzai Red Rye

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Frankenmuth Brewmaster Steve Buszka is back at it again with a brand new Michigan craft beer creation, and this time, the brewery is releasing a new Red Rye ale by the name of Banzai.

Though the Frankenmuth Brewery currently brews a handful of delicious amber and red ales including the Old Detroit Amber Ale and Red Sky Irish Ale, the Banzai is the first rye beer produced at the brewery. The Red Rye was named after the Japanese word “Banzai,” which translates to “Long Live the King,” and to that, we say, “Banzai Red Rye!”

Banzai Red Rye measures in at 6.7% ABV and 55 IBU, and features a hoppy aroma with tropical notes of Citra and Amarillo hops. Complemented by a malty body and a dry, spicy rye finish, the Banzai Red Rye is a unique addition to the 2015 winter lineup at the brewery.
Rye beer is made by substituting a portion of the barley malt with malted rye, and this style is typically recognized by the sweet, sour and spicy rye characteristics. Rye beer was first brewed in Bavaria, Germany prior to the implementation of the Reinheitsgebot in the 15th Century, and was referred to as Roggenbier. For hundreds of years, Roggenbier was banned under the Reinheitsgebot, though it was produced again in Germany in 1988, nearly 500 years later.

Most modern rye beer, including the Banzai Red Rye, is far more diverse in flavor, hop profile, and beer style than traditional Roggenbier. Roggenbier is also much more cloudy and turbid than most modern rye beer, and is often referred to as “naturtrüb,” which translates to “unfilitered” or “naturally cloudy.”

Nonetheless, the Frankenmuth Brewery’s Banzai Red Rye pays homage to the classic rye beer brewed in Bavaria so many years ago, though the modern twists make the Banzai a truly unique brew. Brewed as a red ale with relatively high alcohol content and tasty citrus notes from Citra and Amarillo hops, you won’t want to miss out on trying a pint of the Banzai Red Rye.

Looking to get a glass of Banzai Red Rye? Head over to the Frankenmuth Brewery to try the Banzai for yourself, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on Untappd!

*Image courtesy of Untappd user nyoder88

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