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Michigan: The Great Beer State

Michigan: The Great Beer State

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Michigan may be known nationally as The Great Lakes State, but each year more and more craft beer enthusiasts lovingly refer to the mitten as The Great Beer State. And with good reason.

Last year, Michigan ranked fifth in the nation in terms of overall breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs. In fact, of the 1716 craft breweries operating in the U.S., nearly 100 of them call Michigan home.

Sure, this is great for fans of homegrown brew, but it’s also huge for the long-struggling Michigan economy. The companies behind the Michigan beer industry pay out more than $24 million in wages with a total economic contribution of over $133 million to The Great Beer State. A recent survey also noted that Michigan breweries are increasing production and investing in expansions to the tune of over $70 million. On the consumer side, local craft beer sales have nearly doubled in Michigan supermarkets since 2007, jumping from $11.2 million to $22 million last year.

Among Michigan’s most popular craft breweries is Frankenmuth Brewery. They boast the title of Michigan’s Oldest Craft Beer, operating on the same site in Frankenmuth, Michigan for the last 150 years. At Frankenmuth, they understand the importance of stimulating the local economy to keep their industry thriving. That’s why they stock the Frankenmuth Brewery Restaurant with house breads from a local bakery and produce from local farmers. Not to mention their enlistment of over 100 employees to keep day-to-day operations humming.

Craft beer is big business, especially in The Great Beer State. Take a look at this convenient infographic for a crash course in Michigan’s craft beer boom.

The State of Craft Beer in the State of Michigan

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