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The History of Frankie the Dachshund

The History of Frankie the Dachshund

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Between Frankenmuth Brewery’s Michigan craft beer labels, tap handles, packaging, growlers, and root bier, our little dachshund “Frankie” has made quite a name for himself as the company mascot.

However, Frankenmuth Brewery’s use of dachshunds on beer labels, advertisements, and company materials dates back to as early as the 1930s, making Frankie nearly 85 years old (or almost 600 in dog years). While Frankenmuth Brewery’s tradition of using Frankie as the company logo is still alive today, we’re taking a look back at some of the brewery’s earliest references to our beloved dachshund.



“Dog-Gone Good Beer”

Some of the brewery’s first references of Frankie included the tag-line “dog-gone good beer” alongside the dachshund designs. Though the label below isn’t dated, the “U-Permit” featured on the label suggests that it is from 1933-1935.


According to U.S. Beer Labels, after the prohibition had ended, the federal government required breweries to identify each alcoholic container with a federal tax number, or U-Permit, until 1935. Many of Frankenmuth’s old labels also feature the disclaimer “Internal Revenue Tax Paid” or a variation of the phrase, which was a federal requirement that lasted until 1950.


Frankie Over The Years

While Frankie started out as a long, silhouetted figure, he eventually got some color over the years as the designs evolved.


Eventually, Frankie was used for more than just labels and eventually made his way to designs on advertisements and was even designed in 3D.


However, beyond 1950, the use of Frankie on product packaging and advertisements began to decrease as new designs began to take the spotlight. One such design was the bird crest seen on many of Frankenmuth Brewery’s bottles over the years.

Frankie Today


Frankie and the “dog-gone good beer” slogan are still very much alive today at the Frankenmuth Brewery. Between the brewery’s bottles and caps, tap handles, growlers, advertisements, and more, Frankie still holds a huge role in representing the brewery’s Michigan craft beer.

With more than 80 years of featuring Frankie on our labels and advertisements, he’s become more than just our mascot. He’s a big part of our history as Michigan’s oldest brewery.

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