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Tweet a Frankenmuth Beer to a Friend

Tweet a Frankenmuth Beer to a Friend

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frankenmuthbeerThe noble gesture when you’re out at the bar with  friends and loved ones is to pick up a round of beers. Traditionally, that meant you had to actually be in the drinking establishment with your friends, but now with help from a new Twitter tool you can buy someone a Frankenmuth Beer without ever setting foot in the brewery.

Thanks to Tweet-A-Beer, a new Twitter tool, the dream of buying a friend a physical beer, not an unsatisfying virtual brew, is now a reality. Tweet-A-Beer does this by using an e-commerce program that allows users to sync a Twitter account to a Paypal account. Once all of these components have linked together, users can send up to five dollars at one time to a friend to use for beer.

This week, Tweet-A-Beer, created by a Portland-based tenfour, launches at the annual South by Southwest music and film conference, where already there have already been 500 beers purchased through the application. Be the first of your friends to send someone a few dollars to spend on a beer at Frankenmuth Brewery. After all, anytime innovative technology and beer come together, the world becomes a much more friendly and happy place.

Follow this step-by-step guide to Tweet-A-Beer to a friend at Frankenmuth Brewery:

1. Head to the Tweet-a-Beer site and click on “Buy a Round.”


2. Clicking this button will take you to the Chirpify site where you will input your credit card information.


3. After putting in credit card info, the site will take you back to Tweet-a-Beer and you will enter the Twitter name of who you would like to receive a delicious Frankenmuth Beer.


4. Feel free to add a personalized message and tell your friend that you’d like them to spend the allotted cash on a beer at Frankenmuth Brewery. Then, simply click “Send Beer Money” button and your transaction will be complete and the world will be a better place.


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