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Holy Twisted Hellas: Frankenmuth Brewery Adds New Lager Style Beer To Repertoire

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

When inspiration strikes for Frankenmuth Brewery brewmaster Jeff Coon, family is often near, and such was this case when he created a new lager style beer for the brewery. “This is a beer I made with my daughter back in January. We made this beer for her birthday,” Coon said of the brewery’s brand new Michigan beer.

lager-style-beerDubbed the Twisted Hellas, it was Coon’s daughter who influenced her father on the direction of Frankenmuth’s latest Michigan beer. “It was my daughter’s idea to add the lemon and orange zest. It gives it a very subtle citrus taste on the backend of the beer,” Brewmaster Coon said when describing the lager style beer. The name Twisted Hellas plays on the fact that traditional German hellas wouldn’t use these extra ingredients. “It wouldn’t exactly be kosher with German brewing laws,” Coon adds.

Combining the traditional German lager style beer and the taste of a summer shandy, the Twisted Hellas is the perfect brew for a hot summer day. “It’s basically a German shandy,” Frankenmuth Brewery Wholesale Marketing Coordinator Charles Osberger says. “It’s not the usual 50/50 split of beer and lemonade. In fact, there is no lemonade in it at all.” Instead of mixing the Michigan beer with lemonade, like a typical shandy, the beer follows closely in line with German tradition, but Coon lets the natural orange and lemon flavors do some of the talking on the back end.

With only ten barrels of this lager style beer made to last all summer, the supply is short and should be sold out quickly. Available both in a glass at the brewery or in a growler for take home purposes, the Twisted Hellas is perfect for hot weather and pairing with seafood and chicken. “It would go great with a nice light salad with a light vinaigrette, maybe with chicken or salmon on it.” In fact, Coon also divulged that the brewery is in the midst of planning a seafood boil based around the beer.

Whether you are looking to do you own seafood boil or just want to drink in the perfect summer time beer, the new lager style beer from Frankenmuth Brewery named the Twisted Hellas will be sure to excite your tastebuds. Come visit Frankenmuth Brewery today and pick up this limited Michigan beer while supplies last.

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