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iPhone Beer App Awards

iPhone Beer App Awards

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Here at Frankenmuth Brewery, we know every beer enthusiast has a trusty favorite brew or go-to watering hole. But we also know every beer enthusiast is forever on the lookout for new brews or future go-to watering holes to add to their repertoire. Discover the seemingly boundless beer tools that are just a download away with our iPhone beer app awards!

Our Favorite:

UnTappd The best social network, specifically for beer lovers.

UnTappdUnTappd Frankenmuth Brewery

Frankenmuth Brewery UnTappd

  • Keep track of your beer activities and share them with your friends
  • Upload photos and check-in to share your experiences
  • Get notified about your friends’ comments and toasts
  • Geolocation enabled for tagging locations
  • Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare integration for social sharing
  • Toast and comment on your friends’ beers
  • Unlock an array of cool beer badges
Check out Frankenmuth Brewery on UnTappd, and let your friends know when and where you are drinking a Frankenmuth beer!






Pintley Learns from your past ratings and taste to discover beers you’ll love with recommendations


Honorable Mentions:

Happy Houred Helps you search for food and drink deals based on your location, time and interest

Happy HouredHappy Houred

iLoveBeer: Zythology Finds the best meal pairings to complement your beer

BrewGene Track and rate which beers you like or dislike, discover which beers to order based on personal preferences, and more

Beer Counter Keeps track of how many beers you consume

Guinness Pub Finder  Does just that… Finds you a pint of Guinness at a pub nearby

Find Craft Beer Locates a place near you to find a nice craft beer

Beer Match Creates a beer, food and cheese pairing

Drink Fit Watching your figure? This app provides nutritional information for your favorite drinks

Beeryby (sounds like ‘nearby’) Keeps track of all the beers you drink at the bar

Gallagher’s Beer Guide Helps you discover esser know gems when you’re at the bar and don’t know what to order or in the store and clueless in the aisles

iBeers Pro Database with over 2700 beers from all over the world

iBrewMaster Recipe sharing network that allows you to upload, share and browse other users’ brew recipes

BeerStat Tracks the beer you drink and how much you spend

BeerUniverse Explore, rate and review beer on the go

The Beer Bible Browse through the beers of hundreds of breweries and get their history and other information

Beer Battery Monitors your mobile phone battery life with a beer image showing the charge


A nice list of Blood Alcohol Content apps that help you decide if you need that taxi or designated driver. Most allow you to input your gender, age, weight, height, and detailed drink information.


Which is your favorite iPhone beer app? Did we leave any out? Happy Beer Hunting!

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