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How To Make Beer Soap

How To Make Beer Soap

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Learning how to make beer soap is one easiest ways to solve the following quandaries: 1. How do I smell better? 2. How can I get closer to beer? Answering both questions in one fell swoop, Frankenmuth Brewery is here to help you make your own beer soap.

The process of learning how to make beer soap isn’t a challenging one. With a little time, some patience and a few extra bottles of Michigan beer from Frankenmuth Brewery, you’ll have some fresh bars of soap in a matter of a few days. For our recipe, we suggest using Frankenmuth’s Oktoberfest, as the strong scent will provide a nice background for the traditional oils used in soap.

How To Make Beer Soap

Ingredients & Measurements

6.3 oz Avocado Oil
9.5 oz Coconut Oil
1.5 oz Castor Oil
9.5 oz Olive Oil
4.5 oz Lye
11.5 oz flat Oktoberfest
Soap Molds


1. Before starting anything, lay down a tablecloth on your workstation so that none of the ingredients make too much of a mess.
2. Boil your Michigan beer and allow it to sit for a day until it has gone completely flat. One bottle of Frankenmuth Brewery’s Oktoberfest will do the trick for this recipe.
3. While wearing protective gloves and glasses, measure out the lye a little at a time into a bowl with the beer. Stop and stir after each time you add lye. After the last of the lye is added to the mixture, stir until it has all dissolved. Warning: lye is an extremely dangerous material. Please be very careful when handing this mixture.
4. Weigh out your avocado, coconut, castor and olive oil and put them in a large mixing bowl. If any are solid, melt them to ensure proper measurement.
5. Slowly add the beer and lye mixture into the mixing bowl with oil and mix them until the color is even throughout.
6. Pour the mixture evenly into your soap molds, whether it is one large block or several small bar shapes, and allow for the mixture to harden for three to four days.

And there you have it. Learning how to make beer soap is no harder than finding the ingredients, mixing them together and waiting. Let the refreshing smell of our suds into your life and remind you that Frankenmuth Brewery’s Michigan beer is always near.

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