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Another Round of Funny Beer Videos

Another Round of Funny Beer Videos

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No one takes Michigan beer more seriously than Frankenmuth Brewery, but with a blustery October weekend ahead of us, we hit the internet to find a whole new batch of funny beer videos for all of our brew faithful.

Spurred on by a funny beer video of a nun robbing a beer store, we’ve delved deep into the internet’s treasure trove of videos to find the latest and greatest on the brew tube. From cute babies and beer bottle music to fake German pop stars and a Super Mario spoof, these videos hit all cylinders of hilarity. No more set up needed, crack open a Frankenmuth Brewery beer, sit back and enjoy the show.

Nun Steals Beer

The video that sent us down the rabbit hole of beer videos features a seemingly sweet nun stealing a bottle of brew from the party store. We can’t speak to how legit this video is, but we can say that the beer was probably NUNalcoholic. A-YO!

Beer Bottle Theme Music

Not much of an intro needed for this funny beer video. A street performer goes to town playing the Inspector Gadget theme song on a bunch of brew bottles. They say the line between genius and insanity is pretty thin, and this is one Michigan beer away from tipping over the edge.

Super Beerio

We get that beer, especially the kind from our Michigan brewery, can make people happy and feel invincible, but this video sure is an odd way to portray that concept. Don’t get us wrong, we like the Super Mario angle, but something just seems a little off about it.

Beer Crazed Monster

No, it’s not a disturbing creature or even a college frat boy. It’s just a baby who surely loves beer. We knew they got them started early in Europe, but sheesh… We hope when that baby is of legal age, they come to America and get that excited about our Michigan beer.

Das Boot Das More Like It

The marketers at Vat19, an online purveyor of unusual gifts, have opted to market a glass beer boot with an unusually funny beer video. In the case of their clip, “Das Boot,” things get more than a little freaky and we question their use of our German heritage. Is it scary? Is it funny? We’re still on the fence. You decide!

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