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The Best Beer Tumblr Blogs

The Best Beer Tumblr Blogs

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The Internet is home to several useful information hubs about craft beer. Today we will be looking at some of the most entertaining beer Tumblr blogs. Besides providing a fun way to express yourself, Tumblr blogs can be valuable sources of expertise. Topics range from beer review blogs to artistic reimaginings of classic works of art.

The plethora of material not only enhances one’s knowledge of the beer world, it also let’s you have a greater appreciation for the people behind the scenes. The staff at our Michigan Brewery appreciate light-hearted web content. Here are some of our favorites.

The Layman’s Guide To Beer

This quirky blog provides reviews on handcrafted beers from around the country. The authors also place high-resolution images with every review to give readers the full experience. If you’re going to choose to start a beer Tumblr, The Layman’s Guide is a hoptastic blog to emulate.

Book And Beer

Sometimes the simplest things can have the most profound effect on readers. The blogger responsible for Book and Beer posts only about what you’d think: books and beer. It appeals to both intellectuals drinking enthusiasts alike. Sinking your teeth into good novel can be a rewarding experience, but complimenting it with a cold lager will only enhance the journey.

Craft Beer Art

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then original works of art are worth a million. This beer Tumblr compiles original artwork from all over the Internet. All of the pieces share two common themes. They’re all original and they all draw inspiration from craft beer. Some of them are so incredibly intricate that Van Gogh would be jealous.

One thing that is apparent after viewing these beer Tumblr blogs is that creativity is often complemented by an appreciation for craft beer. Bloggers have taken the time to provide this quality content so the least we can do is kick back with a Michigan beer and enjoy it.

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