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Decisive Moments In Beer History

Decisive Moments In Beer History

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Beer history was made this week when Disney World’s Magic Kingdom decided it would be ending its 41-year-old alcohol ban. With the opening of a new Beauty and the Beast themed French restaurant, Disney realized that many patrons purchasing a top-notch French meal would probably appreciate an elite selection of wines and beers. We couldn’t agree more.

While Frankenmuth Brewery is just breaking into the Florida market (hopefully we can get our Michigan beer past Cinderella’s Castle), we are just as excited to see another bygone law regarding beer being thrown to the wayside. With that same spirit, here is a list of some of the greatest successes in beer history. From the invention of the sudsy stuff to the fall of prohibition in America, all of these significant moments throughout history have led us to where we are today with our Michigan brewery.

5 Decisive Moments in Beer History

Year: 1000
Event: Hops are used in the brewing process for the first time.
Significance: The Michigan beer that you’ve come to love would be nothing without hops. The magical ingredient has now been adding flavor and aromas to brews for over 1000 years.

Year: 1516
Event: Bavarian brewing guidelines and purity laws are put in place.
Significance: Frankenmuth Brewery is steeped in beer history and perhaps one of the most important events to affect our brewery is the invention of Bavarian brewing guidelines. To this day, Frankenmuth Brewery follows strict purity laws.

Year: 1850-1860
Event: The creation of refrigeration.
Significance: Whether allowing for alternative brewing methods that produced new types of brew or the ability to chill Michigan beer in our own homes, the invention of refrigeration forever changed the outlook of beer’s future.

Year: 1862
Event: Frankenmuth Brewery opens.
Significance: Call us partial to our own digs, but when Frankenmuth Brewery opened its doors in 1862, it set a precedent of Michigan beer being some of the best in the country. The fact is still true to this day and we are proud to be leading the charge of nearly 100 breweries that now populate the Mitten State.

Year: 1933
Event: The end of prohibition.
Significance: If you’re a fan of Boardwalk Empire, you know how much hell a person had to go through just to have the pleasure of drinking a beer in the early twentieth century. Thankfully, in what could be considered one of the best moments in beer history, politicians came to their senses finally and repealed the amendment in 1933.

Now that you’ve brushed up on all your Michigan beer history and beyond, relish in a delicious Frankenmuth Brewery beer. It may have taken Disney World a long time to see the error of its ways, but this advancement marks one small step for mousekind and one giant leap for beer lovers all over the world.

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