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Archive for March 5th, 2013

Judging Brew Styles With The Beer Flavor Wheel

Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Take a look at the beer flavor wheel below. Beautiful, isn’t it? Scientists have identified more than 1,000 flavors in beer. However, even the most experienced taster can recognize only a paltry 100 of them.

Now, thanks to this new beer flavor wheel, the casual taster can differentiate the flavors and aromas of beers from Michigan breweries by their source. Showing how the typical brew ingredients (hops, yeast, water, and grain), affect a beer’s flavor, this graphic details how a beverage becomes hoppy, malty, fruity and bitter. Follow along to find out how lagers like our Munich Style Dunkel Lager and ales like the American Blonde Ale get their distinct taste.

The original beer flavor wheel was created in the 1970s by brewing chemist Dr. Morten Meilgaar. Offering a new vocabulary for beer drinkers everywhere, the graphic has continued to grow bigger as the brewing industry has become more and more complex. Give the wheel a spin during your next tasting and test its accuracy at breweries in Michigan. Do you taste the bananas and cloves in our Hefeweizen Ale? What about the hints of pine in our Batch 69 American-Style IPA? Discover more about the brews you love by finding out about the unique work and thought that goes into every single batch of our Michigan craft beer.





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