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Archive for November 8th, 2012

Repinning Pinterest Beer Photos

Posted on: November 8th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

If you keep current on the latest social media trends, then you have no doubt encountered the wild world of Pinterest in your online travels. The photo sharing web site is probably responsible for bringing more than a few unique and creative recipes, projects and designs into your own household. Yet, there is also a lot of love for Pinterest beer photos as well. In fact, many users have uploaded their own images of Frankenmuth Brewery to the site.

Whether you share photos of vintage Frankenmuth bottles, pictures of your family at our Michigan brewery or recipes using our beer, we want to see how you enjoy Frankenmuth Brewery. Follow us on Pinterest so we can include you in our feed and repin your photos to our page.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite images of Pinterest beer photos that we’ve found so far.

Frankenmuth Pilsener Fondue

Aside from drinking brews, one of our favorite things to do with Michigan beer is include it in new recipes. This Pinterest beer photo captures a recipe from the Michigan Beer Blog for a fantastic fondue. Love meat and cheese? Add some Frankenmuth Brewery beer to that fondue and it will take your recipe to a whole new level.


Dog Gone Good

Little Frankie, the Frankenmuth Brewery dachshund, makes up many of the Pinterest beer photos you will find when searching for our Michigan beer. The lovable little guy is captured here on a vintage poster with the tagline “Dog Gone Good,” reminding you just how tasty and refreshing one of our beers can be during the dog days of any season.


Mel-O-Dry Beer

Straight out of 1954, this Frankenmuth Brewery can of Mel-O-Dry beer is one of our favorite labels from the brewhouse’s history. Featuring a dapperly dressed gentleman with a pint of Frankenmuth beer in his hand, this light lager may now be retired, but the label is so great it must be shared.


Post-1960s Frankenmuth Label

Decked out with an eagle that still is present on our bottle today, this vintage Frankenmuth Brewery label was used on many of our glass bottles after 1960. While we wouldn’t suggest drinking the old beer, these bottles are still readily available through auction sites and easy to add to your collection of Michigan beer bottles.


Frankenmuth Dachshund Chalkware

Made in the 1940s, these miniature Frankie statues can be found in many Pinterest beer photos both for admiring and purchasing. A clean version of the Frankenmuth Brewery pooch with no cracks or wear will go for a mere $30 on most auction sites. Nab a Frankie statue and some Michigan beer from Frankenmuth today!


It’s fairly easy to get lost while sifting through Pinterest beer photos, so pick up some Michigan beer from Frankenmuth Brewery and make time to enjoy viewing vintage and current pictures. Also, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and upload your own Frankenmuth beer photos. Happy pinning!

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