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Are You A Frankenmuth Pilsenerd? Five Facts About Pilseners

Posted on: March 30th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

While factsaboutpilsnersthe style of beer was originated in the Czech Republic, Czech brewers closely followed some simple facts about pilsener that they developed based on the work of Bavarian brewers. These Bavarian tenets are still upheld by Frankenmuth Brewery each time the brewhouse staff starts to brew a batch of Frankenmuth Pilsener. What makes a pilsener different from other types of beer? Read on to learn about what makes the pale golden lager one of the kings of the brewing world.

Fact One: Prior to the late 1830s, brewers had mainly focused on brewing batches with yeast that fermented at the top, which commonly lead to barrels full of undrinkable beer. Bavarian brewers were the first to use bottom-fermenting yeast, which ultimately led to beers that were translucent. This innovation would lead to the birth of pale beers such as the pilsener.

Fact Two: While most barley used for beer is dried in kilns for up to 30 hours, a process called malting, the malted barley used in pilseners is only partially malted. By doing so, the brewer creates the light flavor that has become the trademark of pilsener.

Fact Three: Prior to refrigeration, most beers were dark in color. As Bavarian brewers began to perfect the art of modern refrigeration it offered the chance for styles of brew like the pilsener to be produced. Going from being stored in caves to the advanced cooling systems we know today has brought the pilsener to the taste we know and love today.

Fact Four: Typically, pilseners have a low alcohol percentage level that hovers right around 5%. The Frankenmuth Pilsener weighs in at ABV 5.25%, which is kept lower on purpose to offer a well-rounded mouthfeel to drinkers and make the brew a good session beer.

Fact Five: The pilsener is one of the best selling styles of beer in America. However, it is commonly just called a lager instead of its proper name. While the pilsener is a style of lager, the characteristics of the beer, golden color and mild bitter flavor, make it truly unique from the rest of the brew pack.

The Frankenmuth Pilsener is deeply ingrained in these pilsner basics. Since 1862, Frankenmuth Brewery has followed the path of traditional Bavarian brewing and worked to preserve the priceless beer artifact known as the pilsener. Light gold in color and perfect in taste, this brew is truly one of the timeless classics of the beer world.

How to Become a Brewmaster in a Day at Frankenmuth Brewery

Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

The brewmasterforadayprocess of becoming an expert in brewology is a long and arduous one, but Frankenmuth Brewery can help you become a brewmaster in a day. This Saturday, March 31, the Frankenmuth staff will offer a crash course in making craft beer in the classic German tradition that has made Frankenmuth one of the most successful breweries in Michigan.

The “Brewmaster For A Day” course is a rare glimpse into the everyday life of Frankenmuth Brewery’s world class brewmaster Jeff Coon and his team of brewers. Walking you through the brewing process step by step, from the most basic act of selecting integral ingredients to taste testing the final product, Coon will teach you what exactly goes into producing your favorite Frankenmuth beers, ranging from American Blonde Ale to Munich Style Dunkel Lager. From the floor up to the bottle of beer you’ll hold in your had, you will receive a complete education on how to become a brewmaster in a day.

After witnessing the birthing process of fine Michigan craft beer, the newly crowned brewmaster will be sent home with an authentic German-style growler, a “Brewmaster for a Day” t-shirt, a membership card for Frankenmuth’s Brew Crew Loyalty Club and a certificate of craft beer making graduation to show if your own home pub. In addition to these fine collectables, Frankenmuth will offer brewmasters a return visit tasting session to experience the beer that they created.

Whether you’ve always been interested in the brewing process or are looking for a better understanding of Michigan craft beer and how it is made, Frankenmuth’s “Brewmaster For a Day” is an ideal and fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Act fast, register today and e-mail your information to to learn how to enroll into this Saturday, March 31 class. Check out the video below for a preview of what is to come and get your first introduction on how to become a brewmaster in a day.

Cool Ways to Open a Beer From Frankenmuth Brewery

Posted on: March 26th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

The most common downfall of any potentially awesome beer drinking experience is not having a cool way to open a beer should you find yourself without a bottle opener. Imagine the perfect brew situation. Someone brings over a quality pack of Frankenmuth Beer to share for the occasion. Uproarious cheers explode in the room. Yet, no one has a bottle opener. A silence hushes over the crowd.

While some serious beer aficionados will have credit card style bottle openers in their wallets or even on their belt or key rings, there is still always a chance for a complete bottle opener shutout. Should you find yourself in just such an occasion, here are several new ways to open beer bottles in a safe (for both you and the beer) manner. Become the hero of the beer day and follow these tips and tricks on cool ways to open a beer.

Step One: When opening the carabiner, find the edge of the latch and wedge beer cap into the slot in the first picture.
Step Two: Use the large metal hook for leverage on top of the bottle cap. Pry upward on where the latch meets the cap.
Step Three: Drink your delicious, freshly opened Frankenmuth beer.



Step One: Fold a piece of 8 x 11 paper in half.
Step Two: Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again.
Step Three: Continue folding paper in half until you can fold no more and have created a rectangular shaped object.
Step Four: Use the blunt end of the paper opener you have created to fit under the bottles cap. Using the rest of the paper for leverage, simply pry upward.
Step Five: Pop the top and enjoy a delicious Frankenmuth Beer.



Step One: Using the sharp edged undercarriage of the cap as your tool, simply put it under the cap of the upright beers cap. Pry upwards and unleash the Frankenmuth beer.
Step Two: The worst thing that could happen is you accidentally open both beers and there is certainly nothing bad about two Frankenmuth beers at once.


Save your teeth, nice cutlery and compact discs by using these alternative and cool ways to open a beer. Your pearly whites, Ginsus and Fleetwood Mac CDs will thank you, as will your body once you’ve thrown back a satisfying Frankenmuth beer.

Thanks to Chow, the incredible food and drink web site, for the inspiration. Below you will find videos on how to complete each cool ways to open a beer.

Jim McKeith Performs this Friday at the Brewery

Posted on: March 21st, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

This Friday, March 23, Frankenmuth Brewery will once again play host to Jim McKeith and his “full band sound by one man.” With classic artists like The Beatles, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Billy Joel and Don McLean in his repertoire, McKeith has something up his sleeve for just about every music fan.

And you know Frankenmuth will have a few treats of our own in store for patrons Friday night! Cases of our famous Pilsener will be on sale, we’ll be unveiling new Lenten chef’s specials, and of course, this beautiful weather means our patio will be open! Located on the scenic Cass River, our brewery is Frankenmuth’s only riverfront dining destination!

Jim McKeith will perform from 6-10pm. No cover. Come join us for one of this Spring’s many fun Friday nights at Frankenmuth Brewery!


Frankenmuth Brewery Presents Man Cave Items for Your Michigan Beer

Posted on: March 20th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Though theremancaveitems is nothing quite like enjoying a Michigan craft beer at Frankenmuth Brewery, our crack research team has found some awesome man cave items that will help you enjoy our beers in the comfort of your own home. These innovations, nay… beerovations will only have you leaving the house to pick up more beer and maybe some carryout food from Frankenmuth Brewery.

Ever get the feeling that something is missing from your man room? It’s probably your beer and you probably left it on the counter while grabbing a snack out of the cupboard. Fear not, the team of partiers known as ManCave have the solution to your problem. They have developed a beer koozie that has an alarm system built in. Whenever you lose your Frankenmuth Pilsener or Batch 69 American-Style India Pale Ale, simply press the red button on the controller and you will be alerted to where your drink is.

While losing your beer can always be a problem, we’ve also never been big fans of having to stand up and walk all the way to the fridge to get a beer in the first place. Thankfully, the geniuses behind Mantables have invented an end table that will end any conversation about who has to get up and get the next brew. Built to rival Amish made furniture, Mantables are stylish tables that open up and actually have a refrigerator inside of them. Perfect for stashing a Frankenmuth Hefeweizen or an American Blonde Ale, these tables run around $350 dollars and are a perfect man cave item to add to your hollowed halls. Not to mention they are classy enough for those that like to keep up the appearance of reasonable domesticity.

mancaveitems3Finally, though it may not fit amongst the man cave items, the Shakoolie is perfect for keeping your beer fresh while in your man shower in your man bathroom. You might say, “Did you just say beer in the shower, Frankenmuth Brewery?” To which we reply, yes. Yes we did. There is nothing like having a Frankenmuth Brewery beer with you at all times and that includes bathing and relaxing after a long day. The Shakoolie is a beer koozie that connects to its designated wall hung launch pad and is capable of hanging from any surface. Don’t let your shower beer get hit with unclean water ever again! The Shakoolie just saved the taste of that fantastic Frankenmuth brew you’re drinking.

With the advent of these beerovations it will be hard to leave any homestead with any of these three great ideas. Yet, please be sure to leave the cave, maybe shave, come have a drink at the brewery and pick up more beer to outfit your Mantable. After all, a Frankenmuth beer is the greatest man cave item of all.

Spring Beers From Michigan Brewery: Frankenmuth's American Blonde Ale

Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

michiganbeer It seems as though we have made it through another Michigan winter with Mother Nature now blessing us with the perfect weather for spring beers. Essential for drinking out on our recently opened patio, welcome spring with a few bottles of Frankenmuth Brewery‘s classic American Blonde. Light, crisp and fresh, this American Blonde brew is synonymous with fresh cut grass, mild spring afternoons and the first crack of a Detroit Tigers baseball bat.

Brewed using American malts, the pale, wheat colored ale is sweet with slight hints of orange and tart yeast, but has a underlying tone of caramel. It’s only faint, but the taste is there. Overall, the American Blonde Ale has a light, breezy mouthfeel and an uber-clean, mellow finish that will leaves behind a compelling aftertaste. Essential for drinking while watching baseball on opening day, spring beers lovers everywhere will be happy to kick back a few Blondes and relax with this classic American-styled brew.

Now only do we love this beer, and hope you do as well, but we are pleased to note that Frankenmuth Brewery’s American Blonde Ale recently made a big splash at the 2011 World Beer Championships. Winning over the critics in the American Golden Ale category, our mighty beer took home a silver medal amongst a bevy of heavy hitters. In addition to critical praise, we are constantly on top of what you the consumers are saying about our beers online. Here are a few reviews from Beer Advocate that we are particularly proud of:
Beer Advocate Reviewer StoutHunter: “Overall I thought this was a really good blonde ale that was way different from any other I have had. I really liked how unique the flavor and aroma were, you normally don’t get much fruit flavors in a blonde but this one was full of them and the earthy straw and honey flavor added a nice complexity to this beer that I really enjoyed.”
Overall Score: 4.5/5
Beer Advocate Reviewer Hanby: “I really enjoyed this ale. It’s especially good in summer. I’ll definitely come back to this one.”
Overall Score: 4.45/5

Beer Advocate Reviewer David131: “A very enjoyable take on the style that would make a great session beer. Highly recommended.”
Overall Score: 4.22/5

Be sure to stop by the brewery and enjoy our patio that overlooks the beautiful Cass River and drink a few American Blonde Ales while checking out the panoramic views. We’ve been waiting all winter to enjoy these spring beers outside and we hope  you will join us soon.

Frankenmuth Beer Paired With St. Patrick's Day Songs

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

While the Frankenmuth Brewery heritage can’t be traced back to Ireland (we’re German remember), we do honor and celebrate one of the most important holidays to Irish-Americans, St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t suggest pouring green dye into a nice pint glass of Frankenmuth beer, but we do hope that you will try your hand at our beer pairings with these classic St. Patrick’s Day songs.

That’s right! Forget cheese and beer or dishes designed specifically for certain beers. The only way to experience Irish culture is to imbibe in music and good brew. Celebrate the holiday correctly with your loved ones, the St. Patrick’s Day songs below and some classic Frankenmuth beers.

The Dubliners and The Pogues – “The Irish Rover”

Legendary Irish music makers The Dubliners team up with the young guns The Pogues for a spin of the traditional folk tune, “The Irish Rover.” The song is about Ireland’s most famous exports and meets a worthy adversary in Frankenmuth’s Dry Irish Stout Ale. Just as the Irish shipped their barley all over the world, this ale features a strong barley flavor with notes of chocolate and coffee bean.

Thin Lizzy – “Whiskey in the Jar”

Proto-hard rockers Thin Lizzy hailed from Dublin, Ireland where there is a statue that honors the band’s late frontman, Phil Lynott. Their take on the traditional “Whiskey in the Jar” is perfect for saddling up to the bar with a shot of Jameson and a Frankenmuth Red Sky Ale. Styled after traditional Irish red ales, Frankenmuth’s brew has tremendous caramel-meets-hops flavor.

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – “The Wild Rover”

The Irish have been a nomadic people for many a year, even reaching as far as Australia. Co-opted by Irish folk singers, the Australian song “The Wild Rover” became an Irish standard as it tells a tale of a young, drunken lad who finally sows his wild oats. While Frankenmuth’s Baltic Style Porter Lager isn’t Irish in nature, just like “The Wild Rover,” it pairs well with all things Ireland. The taste of raisins that lingers throughout the beer’s body emulates a classic Irish Soda bread.

With that, remember to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Frankenmuth beer, these classic songs and always drink responsibly. When taking in the sights and sounds, raise that Frankenmuth brew high and say “Sláinte,” the word for “cheers” in Gaelic.

Tweet a Frankenmuth Beer to a Friend

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

frankenmuthbeerThe noble gesture when you’re out at the bar with  friends and loved ones is to pick up a round of beers. Traditionally, that meant you had to actually be in the drinking establishment with your friends, but now with help from a new Twitter tool you can buy someone a Frankenmuth Beer without ever setting foot in the brewery.

Thanks to Tweet-A-Beer, a new Twitter tool, the dream of buying a friend a physical beer, not an unsatisfying virtual brew, is now a reality. Tweet-A-Beer does this by using an e-commerce program that allows users to sync a Twitter account to a Paypal account. Once all of these components have linked together, users can send up to five dollars at one time to a friend to use for beer.

This week, Tweet-A-Beer, created by a Portland-based tenfour, launches at the annual South by Southwest music and film conference, where already there have already been 500 beers purchased through the application. Be the first of your friends to send someone a few dollars to spend on a beer at Frankenmuth Brewery. After all, anytime innovative technology and beer come together, the world becomes a much more friendly and happy place.

Follow this step-by-step guide to Tweet-A-Beer to a friend at Frankenmuth Brewery:

1. Head to the Tweet-a-Beer site and click on “Buy a Round.”


2. Clicking this button will take you to the Chirpify site where you will input your credit card information.


3. After putting in credit card info, the site will take you back to Tweet-a-Beer and you will enter the Twitter name of who you would like to receive a delicious Frankenmuth Beer.


4. Feel free to add a personalized message and tell your friend that you’d like them to spend the allotted cash on a beer at Frankenmuth Brewery. Then, simply click “Send Beer Money” button and your transaction will be complete and the world will be a better place.


Beer and Running: Good or Bad?

Posted on: March 8th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

beer and runningLast week we blogged about J. Wilson, an Iowa man who fasted on only microbrews and water for 46 days while researching the history of brewing. In what may become a weekly column about people doing the darnedest things while drinking, we have another story for you: Tim Cigelske, a Wisconsin man who’s been drinking at least one pint of beer and running at least one mile every day for 509 straight days (as of February 25th).

Before getting into this amazing story, we had to ask ourselves if drinking beer and running is even safe. The answer is a mixed bag. Research shows there are health benefits to drinking beer, some of which stem from the B Vitamins and chromium found in the malt and hops, but others spring from the flavinoids found in beer that might actually reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks.

On the other hand, the word continually popping up when discussing beer and running is “dehydration.” Dehydration is, of course, a serious situation for anyone doing physical activity—and because beer is such a well known diuretic, it’s extremely inadvisable to add fuel to the fire by drinking beer before running or while running. Aside from dehydration, alcohol also slows the body’s recovery rate, makes you less coordinated, and reduces body heat—all bad things. If you must, Runner’s World also suggests only having one beer the night before a race. After the race, they suggest drinking beer after running only after you’ve had eight to sixteen ounces of water and eating a combination of carbohydrates and protein to help your body recover.

At Frankenmuth Brewery, we sympathize. Finding motivation to exercise can be tough, so why not be like Tim Cigelske and reward yourself with a cold, refreshing beer every time you get out there for a run? Having a daily reward, Cigelske claims, will help you stick with a daily running regiment by taking away the mental stress of agonizing over exercising or not and by compounding it with real, physical results (a friend of his lost 21 pounds while on a 131-day streak). And as the weather warms up and the layers come off, you might as well get ahead of the curve by creating good habits now. Accordingly, we nominate the Frankenmuth Hefeweizen Ale as the best choice for your post-run adult-Gatorade: With it’s refreshing, fruity taste and lightly hopped smoothness, it’s sure to motivate you to get out there and run!

(Hat tip to our friends at Guyism for their great article on Tim Cigelske)

Vote for Frankenmuth Brewery as Best Local Beer in Hour Detroit

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

As Michigan’s oldest brewhouse, Frankenmuth Brewery has been happy to serve the best local beer to all of our favorite mitten-state hopheads, sud suckers and beer connoisseurs over the past 150 years. We hope that you have loved our brew innovations as much as we have loved making them and sliding them across the bar to you.

If you’re looking for a special birthday present to give Frankenmuth Brewery on its 150th anniversary, we would be extremely pleased if you took a few minutes of your time and entered our business in the annual Hour Detroit’s 2012 Best of Detroit Ballot. We are hoping that you will enter the brewery in two categories that we believe have a great chance at winning. Under the “Food and Drink” header, there is a space to enter best “Microbrewery” and best “Locally made beer.” We believe Frankenmuth is amongst the best and hope that you will see it fit to put our name in the allotted space.

We appreciate all of your support over the years and are beyond pleased to have so many loyal members of the Frankenmuth Brewery family. Please take a few minutes from your busy schedule and vote for us as many times as you can. Thank you again for all the love and years of friendship.

Click on the following link to be taken to the Hour Detroit’s 2012 Best of Detroit Ballot.



Frankenmuth Dunkel: Some of the Best Beer in Michigan

Posted on: March 5th, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Best Beer in MichiganFrankenmuth Munich Style Dunkel Lager may be a mouthful of a title, but it comes with the credentials to back it’s flashy name. After recently winning the silver medal in the World Beer Championships, the Dunkel also took home the bronze medal from the 2011 World Expo of Beer. Elsewhere, the Alström Brothers, founders of BeerAdvocate, also gave the beer an “exceptional” score of 90. All together, the Frankenmuth Dunkel is some of the best beer in Michigan.

The Dunkel, meaning “dark” in German, is a traditional style of beer developed in Munich that gets it’s name from the dark roasted malts used in the brewing process. These malts, aside from giving the beer its trademark color, give the beer a toasty, nutty and chocolate-like taste with a smooth, malty finish. Drinkers might also detect added hints of raisin, coffee, and a slightly smoky taste while enjoying the Frankenmuth Dunkel.

This recent cold snap in Michigan offers a great opportunity to try this dark and warming brew. At only 5.1% ABV, this beer is big on flavor but light on alcohol when compared to other dark brews, making it a great partner for foods with big, hearty or spicy flavors like barbecue, sausages, and roasts. You can even try this great recipe for French Onion Soup that uses the Dunkel as an ingredient. For dessert, pour some beer in a glass and have some fun by dunking some Oreos, drawing out the chocolate notes of the Dunkel.

The Frankenmuth Dunkel offers tradition, flavor, and fun, truly proving that it’s one of the best beers in Michigan.

Dogs And Beer: Fetching Brews/Our Hearts

Posted on: March 2nd, 2012 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Dogs and brews. A classic pairing if there ever was one… Like a cold Michigan beer and a hot summer day. Thanks to power of YouTube and the patience of a few dog-training beer enthusiasts, we’re able to provide you with a series of heartwarming clips of some impressive pooches earning the title of Man’s Best Friend.

Perhaps the most famous brew-fetching pup, Murdock has been viewed over a million times dutifully answering his master’s single-word command of “BEER!”

This adorable dog definitely gets bonus points for enthusiasm. From her initial affirmative response to the running jump she takes to slam the fridge door, Candy’s excitement at grabbing a bottled brew for her owner is pretty endearing. She had us at BARK.

This pooch gets our vote for most impressive. Not only does Peach retrieve her master’s beer like a champ, but she begins by properly disposing of an empty and finishes by non-nonchalantly swinging the fridge door closed without so much as asking for a treat in return.

Finally, we have a work in progress. Meet Stella. A handsome German Shepherd/Chow Chow that means well. Almost there, but not quite. We just have a soft spot for anything German….

Wonder if these talented dogs ever walk their owners past any breweries in Michigan? If so, they can consider this an open invitation to come fetch from our fridge.
We raise a Michigan beer to you perfect pups.

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