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Archive for December, 2011

Frankenmuth Throws Down in Brewery Competition

Posted on: December 30th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Cue the Rocky theme! Frankenmuth Brewery is excited to compete in the first official Ashley’s Invitational Brewery Throwdown next month! Starting on January 4 at Ashley’s Beer & Grill in Westland, the winter-long tournament features eight craft breweries all competing for the title of Brewery Throwdown champion. And best of all, each round of the brewery competition is open to the public at no cover charge. Show up and enjoy your favorite Frankenmuth beers, because the brewery with the most glasses sold at the end of the night will advance to the second round!

According to Ashley’s co-owner Jeff More, this type of event has never been done before. “This is the first such tournament of its kind… There have been individual matches and beer throwdowns, but not a bracketed, multi-round brewery tournament that we could find.”

The four first round matches will take place on respective Wednesdays throughout January. The match-ups are as follows:

January 4
Dark Horse vs. Short’s

January 11
Saugatuck vs. Arcadia

January 18
Frankenmuth vs. Wolverine

January 25
Michigan vs. Victory

Each brewery will showcase four beers in each round. For round one, Frankenmuth will have the Pilsner, Munich Style Dunkel, Winter Bock, and Batch 69 American IPA.

The fun kicks off next Wednesday at Ashleys Beer & Grill, 7525 Wayne Rd. in Westland. We hope to see you all when Frankenmuth makes our tournament debut on January 18!

Brewery competition bracket

Happy New Beers: Frankenmuth's Limited Run Dark Stout for the New Year

Posted on: December 29th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Happy New Beers: Frankenmuth's Limited Run Dark Stout for the New YearJeff Coon, Frankenmuth Brewery’s brewmaster, is continually creating the fine beer that is available for consumption in both the brewhouse/restaurant and in your own home. For those indoctrinated in his brewing magic, it’s obvious the man is capable of creating an amazing beer. In celebration of 2012, Coon has created a dark stout that will be available in limited quantity for the first few weeks of the New Year.

Dubbed the New Years Stout, Coon has spent the waning days of December not only developing and brewing the beer, but also creating all new labels for the limited edition one liter bottles. The brewmaster is happy to report that the beer is done “getting happy in the kegs” and the bottling process had began as of Monday, December 26. With a release date of January 3 set in his sights, Frankenmuth’s brewmaster is extremely excited about his new low-run craft beer.

Just how limited is this special batch of New Years Stout? Only 801 bottles will be released to the Metro-Detroit area with a few being reserved for distributors. Don’t question Coon though about how he came up with the magic bottle count. Why such an odd number? “Because I can,” says the self proclaimed Brew Pastor. Adding to the level of rareness, Coon will be hand-signing each bottle. Visit the Frankenmuth Brewery to pick up your special bottle of New Years Stout or contact your local beer shoppe about its availability before they are all snapped up. Have a safe and Happy New Beers … er, Years.

Frankensampler: A Taste of the Finest Michigan Beers

Posted on: December 28th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Frankensampler: A Taste of the Finest Michigan BeerFrankenmuth Brewery has been offering classically brewed Michigan beers since 1862, but in 2011 the brewhouse has created the pièce de résistance that will bring all of the hop-filled magic into your own home. Dubbed the Frankensampler, Frankenmuth Brewery is packaging together four of their best beers into a 12-pack case designed to give brew lovers everywhere a taste of what they are all about. No matter your preference in beer style, there is something for everyone in the Frankensampler.

Culling together award winning products from Frankenmuth’s resume of World Expo of Beer and World Beer Championships beers, the Frankensampler offers up the chance to try the American Blonde Ale, Batch 69 IPA, Red Sky Ale and Dunkel Lager. For fans of lighter beers, the Blonde Ale’s clean, light taste and the Batch 69 IPA’s hoppy citrus feel will keep you delighted with a premium taste that isn’t too heavy. Brew lovers that like their beverages of the darker persuasion will appreciate the Red Sky Ale’s malty goodness and the Dunkel’s creamy, raisin-meets-coffee approach.

By throwing all of these beers into one package, the Frankensampler isn’t just a 12-pack of beer; it’s an experience in flavor. Drinkers that have never known the pleasure of a different kind of beer because they “like what they like,” might find themselves won over by the power of another style of brew. Frankenmuth Brewery has designed the case to allow patrons to taste a wide range of the beer spectrum and, possibly, change the way you look at your old favorite beers.

The Frankensampler will be in limited supply this holiday season as it is only being released to certain distributers and brew shops. Be on the look out for the 12-pack in the following Michigan counties; Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Monroe, Lenawee, Washtenaw, Jackson, Livingston, Genesee, Montcalm, Kent, Iona, Barry, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Branch, Eaton, Ingham, and parts of Clinton, Allegan and Van Buren. As always, if you can’t find Frankenmuth Brewery products at your local store, it never hurts to ask the shop owner to start carrying Frankenmuth products. No matter how, get your Frankensampler today and enjoy the fine world of craft beer.

Frankenmuth New Year's Eve Party

Posted on: December 27th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

New Years Eve in FrankenmuthWant to ring in the New Year in style? Join Frankenmuth Brewery for our fun and affordable New Year’s Eve party! Dance (and drink) the night away with your loved one for only $60 per couple.

Our guests will enjoy a 5-course meal created specially for this event by Executive Chef Taffy Cline, as well as a champagne toast and live entertainment. And you know there will be no shortage of Frankenmuth beer!

Then, after we’ve ushered in the New Year, stay with us to sober up at our all-you-can-eat pizza buffet and coffee bar. And, we won’t let you leave empty-handed once the party is over. Party favors for everyone so you’ll always remember New Year’s at the Brewery.

Celebrating Christmas in Frankenmuth

Posted on: December 21st, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Christmas in Frankenmuth‘Tis the season for good tidings and holiday cheer, especially in Frankenmuth, Michigan! Visitors come from all over the globe to experience Christmas in Frankenmuth. From the world-renowned food and gifts of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland to the festive and old timey accommodations of the Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth is synonymous with the holiday season — and for good reason.

As always, Frankenmuth Brewery is excited to get in on the action. In fact, this week we’ll be hosting jolly ol’ St. Nick himself at the brewery! Thursday, December 22 from 2-4 PM and Friday, December 23 from 5-8 PM, Santa Claus will be sitting down for photos with the kids and passing out FREE hot cocoa to the whole fam.

And as long as you’re visiting, why not pick up some of our award-winning brews to stuff in your beer lover’s stocking? After all, we’re pretty sure the old saying goes: this season, give the gift of good cheer beer!

Season's Greetings From Frankenmuth Brewery

A 1950s Frankenmuth Brewery holiday ad.

Frankenmuth’s Hefeweizen: One of Michigan’s Best Beers

Posted on: December 21st, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery 1 Comment

Recently awarded a Silver Medal by the World Beer Championships, Frankenmuth’s Hefeweizen HEF_Bottle has been not only recognized as one of Michigan’s best beers, but one of the best light beers in the entire world. Founded in 1994, the WBC does monthly blind taste testings of brews and rates them on a 100 point scale. The Hefeweizen scored an extremely impressive 88 points in a December tasting.

Known as Hefeweiss in Bavarian brewlore, Hefeweizens are a kind of beer where yeast is left in during the complete brewing process. This results in the beers strong gold, yet somewhat cloudy appearance after pouring. The Frankenmuth Hefeweizen in particular has a strong base that features an essence of banana bread. Expanding upon this flavor note, there are plethora of other tastes that pop up once on a drinkers tongue. There is a distinct touch of clove, a perfect level of citrus and an overall wheat flavor that amps up the recipe of a traditional Hefe.

Not only has the Hefeweizen been commended by groups like the World Beer Championships, it also getting high marks from users of the influential beer rating site, Beer Advocate. Here is a sample of what a few reviewers are saying about Frankenmuth’s impressive yeast beer.

Beer Advocate Reviewer DannyDan: “The mouthfeel is a sticky, lip smacking and easy to drink while leaving a slightly dry taste in the mouth. A very good tasting light to medium bodied beer that I would recommend.”
Overall Score: 4.2/5

Beer Advocate Reviewer Brenden: “One thing that annoys me is when a brewer makes a Hefeweizen just another wheat ale and neglects what makes it special. Thank you, Frankenmuth, for using the Belgian yeast the way it ought to be used. There’s a sturdy malts backbone to frame this beer in the aroma, but the banana and clove are there and the main feature.”
Overall Score: 3.6/5

Beer Advocate Reviewer Cosberger: “Wonderful Banana and subtle clove scent with a very smooth finish. Saw a lot of people put an orange in the beer, I liked the beer simply straight up.”
Overall Score: 4.35/5

While these verdicts have been delivered, take your own trip to the brewery to have your own say about one of Michigan’s best beers, the Frankenmuth Hefeweizen. It’s taste is one that can rarely be matched by any other light tasting beer in the world.

Finding The Right Temperature For Your Michigan Beer

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

While your crazy uncle may have extolled the virtues of leaving a warm case of beer on the porch for the duration of a cold day, most beer connoisseurs will say that leaving the brews in freezing temperatures won’t produce the best results. To properly cool down a Michigan beer the right way this winter, consider some of the friendly handling tips, courtesy of Frankenmuth Brewery.

If you are serious about your beers, you might consider using another refrigerator for cooling beverages in your home. The right temperature for a beer is often based on the style of the brew and how much alcohol is in the beverage. For darker beers like Frankenmuth’s Munich Style Dunkel Lager with a higher alcohol percentage, an average temperature between 55 and 60 degrees would be desirable, so as to keep it’s malty flavor intact. With a beer like Frankemuth’s Hefeweizen Ale, a slightly colder temperature between 45 and 50 degrees will allow drinkers to enjoy its crisp flavor, as it has lighter features. By being able to control your refrigerator’s temperature, you will be able to ensure the maximum taste of your beer.

However, a costly second refrigerator isn’t always necessary. An article printed by Beeradvocate recommends that brews be kept in a cool storage area, away from both heat and light. “Beer benefits from cool constant temperatures; usually around 50-55 degrees is ideal for most beers, and most beer collectors.” Places in your home like the basement or garage will often do the trick as they offer protection from extreme cold temperatures, but are still left to partial exposure.

No matter how you may decide to cool your Michigan beer, the most important factor is that the taste remain intact. Remember just because a beer is freezing cold doesn’t mean that it’s the best-tasting product. If a beer is too cold, it will stun your taste buds and leave them unable to pick out the proper flavor notes in the beverage. And nobody wants that.

Finding The Right Temperature For Your Michigan Beer

Things To Do In Frankenmuth

Posted on: December 13th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

This holiday season, load up the car with friends and family and head out to Frankenmuth for a weekend road trip. From guided tours and shops, to good food and great beer, there’s no shortage of things to do in Frankenmuth.

Winter is a particularly special time of year in Frankenmuth. Visit and take pleasure in glistening Christmas lights and beaming ice sculptures around town. Start your day with an enclosed carriage ride and learn about Frankenmuth’s rich history. Following the tour, continue on to the world’s largest Christmas store for an endless assortment of yule tide goods.

Hours of shopping may leave you hungry, but never fear. Frankenmuth Brewery provides guests with a mouthwatering menu that perfectly complements its wide variety of craft beer.

Kid-friendly activities are easy to find, too. Take your children to an indoor water park or game center for hours of family fun.

Road trips are always a great way to get away for a few days. Knowing there are so many year-round activities and things to do in Frankenmuth, why wait to visit? Come take advantage of everything this historic town has to offer.

Things to do in Frankenmuth

Motor City Brew Tours Features Frankenmuth

Posted on: December 6th, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

Hey craft beer lovers, get on the bus! Motor City Brew Tours is coming to Frankenmuth!

On Saturday, January 14 they’ll be embarking on a special day trip to Frankenmuth Brewery, Black Forest Brew Haus & Grill and Redwood Brewing Co. Each location provides a guided tour and three samples of delicious beer. And fear not, food lovers, you will not go hungry. Lunch will be provided at one of the stops.

If you’re fed up with having nothing to do in Michigan’s winter months, this is your ticket! Guests will enjoy a deluxe motor-coach bus ride from Detroit complete with refreshments.

Motor City Tour Company has toured over 35 breweries, and planned over 60 events since 2009. In an effort to support Michigan businesses, tour guests are served nothing but locally-made beer.

Tickets and further information are available now at the Motor City Brew Tours website.

Motor City Brew Tour

Michigan Winter Beer Festival

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by Frankenmuth Brewery No Comments

One nice thing about Michigan winters: the Michigan Winter Beer Festival!

Tickets for the Michigan Brewers Guild’s seventh annual officially went on sale December 1, and if the size and success of the Detroit Fall Beer Festival was any indication, this is one event Michigan beer enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

Along with Frankenmuth Brewery, the Brewers Guild expects more than 50 other Michigan breweries peddling over 300 different beers!

Brewmaster Jeff Coon is already considering which seasonals Frankenmuth will have on hand at the event, though the Winter Bock Lager and Baltic Style Porter Lager will almost certainly be in attendance. If you love Michigan beer, shouldn’t you be too?

Winter Beer Festival

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